Celebrating Three Years


This July 26 will mark three years since I started Abigail Boatwright Communications. I can't believe it's been that long--it seems only yesterday that I was packing up my office at APHA and nervously pitching my stories to editors. I've been really blessed to have had steady work and awesome assignments these last few years. I'm excited about what the future holds. And now I'm unveiling my brand-new website!

The biggest change this year is THISmy website has received a makeover! The talented team at Rethink helped me rebrand my company and I'm so happy with the outcome. I hope you'll find my site easier to navigate, with content bigger and brighter than ever. Check out each of the sections if you get a minute--it's all been updated. My favorite feature is the way the portfolio items are displayed. Now you can click on each article thumbnail and it'll direct you to the full scale PDF on my site. You can also click on photo thumbnails and they pop up into large photos. I have a contact form and links to my social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Finally, my photo proofing site on Smug Mug has been integrated into my toolbar.

Other highlights from this year:

  • Traveled to ranches in Weatherford and two in Northern New Mexico, as well as covered America's first campdraft in Colorado.
  • Started writing for new publications including USDF Connection and Modern Arabian, while increasing my articles for Quarter Horse News and continued regularly contributing to several other publications.
  • Wrote lots of equine, travel, home decor, profile and food articles for APHA's brand new member magazine Chrome
  • Earned a first place award at Livestock Publications Council and a third place award at the American Horse Publications seminar
  • On a personal note, I had my son Wilder in November 2013--and have continued my work while enjoying my son too. I have my mother-in-law and husband to thank for their help!

Thanks for your interest and support. I hope to continue bringing you interesting articles and compelling photographs!

Also, if you're looking for recaps of my (personal) travels, you'll want to check out Through Abby's Lens. The rest of my personal blog lives at Downton Blabby.