Introducing: Abigail Boatwright Communications Stock Photos

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For the first time, Abigail Boatwright Communications is providing equine stock photos in a searchable online stock library. Nearly 1,200 images featuring horses in a variety of settings are now available at

I drew from more than a dozen years’ experience photographing horses, and my images have appeared on 18 equine publication covers. I specialize in stock breeds such as Quarter Horses and Paint Horses, mainly in western disciplines. My clear, technically-strong images celebrate equine beauty and the connection between horses and humans.

From grooming photos to medical images, equine head shots to training sequences, my photos have been curated from years of editorial and portrait photography to offer content buyers high-quality stock for websites, social media, advertising, blogging and editorial needs. Many of the images have never before been released to the public.

I’m so excited to finally launch my stock library. My hope is to be able to provide excellent images to a larger audience in a format that’s easy to browse and search.

Abigail Boatwright Communications Stock Photos are listed at two price points—for web and for print—but flexible options are available for any project.

Go to to explore available images, and subscribe to the stock library’s email list to be the first to see newly-released photos as they’re uploaded. As a thank you for subscribing, you’ll get $20 off your first purchase!