Happy 2nd Anniversary to Abigail Boatwright Communications!

Two years ago today, I left the Paint Horse Journal and struck out on my own as a freelancer. It's been such an adventure and step of faith. I've been blessed with great editors and found some awesome opportunities. I like reviewing my progress... and looking forward too! I'm going to take a quick look back at ABC's Year in Review if you don't mind:


I still write articles for thePaint Horse Journal (woo hoo!) and take photos for Paint Horse Racing occasionally. Both Paint Horse Racing and Paint Horse Connection have gone digital, and in place of Connection in print is Chromea lifestyle publication for APHA. I've been writing quite a lot for that magazine this year.

I covered the 2012 NRHA Cowtown Classic and 2012 NRHA Futurity for NRHA's The Reiner. I also wrote a medical article for the publication. I'm sad this year's Cowtown has been canceled and I'll have *just* had a baby during this year's Futurity, so I'm missing my reiners this year!

I've been a regular contributor for Western Shooting Horse since September 2011 and I continue to write two articles for each issue. I've started profiling some ranches with long histories this year and taking photos for my articles with WSH, so that's been a fun addition.

I've written several articles for the American Quarter Horse Journal over the last year, including one from my trip to Australia covering an exciting event called campdrafting. I also wrote a piece about the Australian Outback Spectacular dinner show in Queensland for America's Horse -AQHA's member magazine.

I've written several articles in the last year for Horse & Rider as well! Still one of my favorite horse magazines after all these years.

I covered the Cowtown Classic forQuarter Horse News last year, and this year I covered the APHA Youth World Championship Show reining classes too. I just turned in a profile for QHN honoring the late Gunner - one of the most influential Paint Horses in reining history. It was such an honor to write about him for QHN. 

I wrote an article for Western Lifestyle Retailer for the 2012 fall issue. WLR is a special edition published by Cowboy Publishing (Quarter Horse News, Barrel Horse News, Western Horseman) In January, I started a regular assignment writing the Special Advertising Section for Western Horseman each month.

That's another newsstand publication with huge circulation--and one I love reading every month! You won't see my byline, but that's mine! It's been really interesting talking to so many companies I've never spoken with before.

  • Future plans: I have a few more magazines I'd like to start working with so I've been trying to think of story ideas that fit them! I'm pitching stories for the rest of this year and early next year soon. Because I'm expecting my first baby in November (Yay!) I'm taking November and December off and I'll be picking back up in January next year. I'm excited about the work I have assigned already and looking forward to what this next year brings in editorial! 

Social Media clients:

Last year I began integrating social media reports into my services for social media clients. It's been a great way to tangibly monitor our efforts.

I still work with Salon Friends, providing photos, social media coverage and press releases/media work. It's a great company that got its start around the same time I did, and I've loved watching it thrive.

D. Jones Clothiers is another one I've worked with for two years, and that company's social media presence has grown tremendously. We utilize Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Mailchimp--and after several years with a traditional blog, we're integrating a Tumblr blog. We're revamping the company marketing strategy in conjunction with some really exciting projects, so I can't wait to see what its future holds.

Veritas Life Events s a new company I began working with last year. it's a non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of teenagers in a holistic way, which includes exciting trips to places like the Grand Tetons. Social media presence includes Facebook and Twitter, but the future will hold expansions of our current strategies.

I recently started a Facebook fan page for my own work--ironic that it has taken me this long to do it, but I'm liking it so far as a way to aggregate my published work and photos.

  • Future Plans: I love the companies I work with, and I hope to improve our strategies to fit their changing needs.

Writing clients:

In the last year, I've written a bio for Jena K Photos, press releases for Salon Friends and marketing work for APHA -- press releases and show coverage from the World Shows especially. This year I even did my first video news production--I wrote parts of a script and put together a short news video that APHA's video team shot and edited at the World Show.

  • Future Plans: This aspect of my company fluctuates, but the irregularity of these projects makes it fun to step out of the traditional writing style I typically use. It's collaborative and exciting, and I look forward to doing more.


I've shot several portrait sessions, bridal sessions and recently, a wedding that I am currently editing. I invested in even better equipment. I'm learning to shoot video--a critical skill for the direction I'm headed in editorial.

Some photos of mine were used in a Barrel Horse News article, and APHA still uses my photos for marketing and social media--it's always fun to see them pop up!

I've photographed several covers this year, including America's Horse, for which I earned a second place award at AHP (the photo above) :-) I have a cover for Paint Horse Connection, two for Paint Horse Racing and two for the Paint Horse Journal. 

  • Future Plans: I'm learning to shoot video--a critical skill for the direction I'm headed in editorial. I recently purchases some equipment to help towards that goal, and it should improve my photography as well. I keep attending seminars and webinars to improve this area--I feel like I can always do better!

This next year will be really interesting for my freelance career. I'm working a LOT right now, which is a blessing. I love what I do and it fires me up to have a full plate. I am still going work next year, but I'll be integrating life as a mom as well. We will see what that looks like, but for now, it's full steam ahead. :-)

Thanks for reading! I appreciate it!