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"Running Wild" wins award at American Horse Publications Equine Media Awards

Well hey there! I am just coming up for air after a whirlwind (and fun) trip to Albuquerque for the American Horse Publications High Desert Media Roundup. While there, two of my articles were finalists in the annual Equine Media Awards. My profile about Mustang Maddy for Horse & Rider magazine placed first in the deep Personality Profile category. I’d like to share it with you below! Check out my Facebook Page and Instagram for snapshots and candids from the trip.

Bits with Dick Pieper for Horse & Rider

I love learning from legends about their favorite pieces of tack. Each one has their own tried-and-true arsenal, and the reasons why those pieces work. I worked with the great horseman Dick Pieper a little while ago for Horse & Rider magazine and we chatted about his favorite bits. Hope you enjoy the feature!

Horse & Rider article with Colleen McQuay

Lyle Lovett has a palomino stallion that is a real-life Barbie horse. His mane is LEGENDARY, and he is so talented. Smart And Shiney stands at McQuay Stables in Tioga, Texas. Last year I pitched a mane and tail care story to Horse & Rider with Smart And Shiney as the model! The experience was so much fun. Colleen McQuay was a wonderful source and I'm really happy with how the photos turned out.

The story ended up winning first place as an instructional article at the 2015 American Horse Publications Seminar last weekend! Here's the article below:

Clean your boots like a pro article for Horse & Rider

One of my favorite things to do at major horse shows at Will Rogers in Fort Worth and the Oklahoma City Fairgrounds is get my boots cleaned. It's like a pedicure for cowboys. No matter the condition your boots are in, you'll leave with boots like new--or better than new. I wish I could get them cleaned more often by those guys.

So for this article, I picked the brain of one of the pros down at Will Rogers. Frank Holland has decades of experience cleaning boots, and he shared some great tips to recreate that horse show boot-cleaning care at home.

Here's the full article--enjoy!

Conformation article with Dick Pieper for Horse & Rider

It was such a pleasure to work with the legendary Dick Pieper for this article. He shared some functional conformation points he looks for in good performance stock. Hope you enjoy! Read the PDF HERE.

Trail Ride with your Show Horse article for Horse & Rider

This was a fun article to write. I'll admit, I'm not a trail rider, mostly because my trust steed Willy was a pain outside arena walls. We tried trail riding and it just wasn't our thing. Maybe if I'd written this article sooner, I'd have had better tools to try the great outdoors! Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!

If you want to read the PDF, as always, HERE it is.

Boarding Article for Horse & Rider

I wrote this article for the April 2013 Horse & Rider and it was an interesting topic. I myself was considering boarding options, so it was great to learn from other riders what situations worked best for them. I also got to include a quiz--something I've not done in articles before, but it worked for this one. What do y'all think? You can read the full article HERE.