International Riders article in Quarter Horse Journal

I really love how horses are a common denominator around the world. Whether you're living in France, Australia or good ol' Texas, some things are exactly the same. In this article, I interviewed youth riders from around the world to see what things are the same, and what things are surprisingly different about being an AQHA horse lover. Full article HERE.

Campdrafting article in January 2013 American Quarter Horse Journal

This weekend I'm covering America's 1st Campdraft in Kiowa, Colorado. You can see my posts and photos on the American Quarter Horse Association's website HERE. Last spring, I went to Australia for a few weeks. One of the best parts of my trip was attending a campdraft in Beaudesert, Queensland. I wrote a story about campdrafting for the American Quarter Horse Journal and it appeared in the January 2013 issue of the magazine. If you're wondering what this sport is and why Quarter Horses are a really good fit, check out my article. You can read it in full HERE.