High Octane Feed article for the American Quarter Horse Journal

I thought I'd posted this article already, since it was published in the American Quarter Horse Journal in 2013, but I don't think I did! It's January, and many of us (myself included) are trying to eat healthier, so I'm glad to revisit this article. It's really hard to eat healthy at horse shows. The cinnamon rolls at Will Rogers Equestrian Complex are just so delicious, and I know other shows have similar offerings at concession stands. So for this article  I talked to avid Amateur competitor and nutritionist Christine McWhorter, as well as fitness champion Monica Brant--her husband is AQHA Professional Horseman Brad Jewett. Both of my experts have spent many hours at horse shows, so they know the value of healthy food at competitions. I hope you enjoy the article!

Veggie Recipe article for Chrome

My garden is pretty small. It consists of about 8 herb plants. But I'm always looking for yummy vegetable recipes. This article for APHA'sChrome addresses the problem of when your garden ripens all at once and you're left with say, 10 lbs of zucchini. I personally tried each of the recipes--one is from my own brother-in-law--and I give them all my stamp of approval. So what do you think? Full article PDF HERE.