One of a Kind Feature in Chrome

I pretty much want every single item I featured in this article for Chrome magazine. I scoured the web for beautiful and unique Western-style products and decor, and these artisans did not disappoint. As a bonus, I learned what to look for when choosing leather goods and reclaimed furniture, for example. Have a look--maybe you'll find something you want for yourself!

Here are the web addresses from below:

Will Boedeker Leather

Stephanie Ferguson Boots

Brewster Barn


T Bones Custom Creations

David Naylors Interiors

Iron Haus

Kehrberg Leather Art

Western Weddings feature for Chrome magazine

I love weddings. I really enjoyed planning my own, and for a while there I spent many weekends at the weddings of friends. They're such a fun time to get dressed up, see friends and family, eat some good food and have a good time. This article for Chrome magazine was fun to write, as I got to interview some great sources: Wedding planning guru David Tutera, Tara Wilson of Tara Wilson Agency and Julie Neubauer of Yonder Design. I'm so appreciative of the stunning photography--it really made the article. Caroline and Jacob Fusilier's horse-themed wedding was also featured. Hope you enjoy!

Destination Down Under article for Chrome magazine

Australia is an incredible country. Zach and I visited Oz in 2012, and it was life-changing. One thing I really loved about it was the horse culture. We spent some time at a campdraft, among other things, and we had a great time. So writing this travel piece for Chrome magazine was a lot of fun. We got to do some of these things while we were there, but after writing this article, I've added a bunch more activities for the NEXT visit Down Under. :-) Hope you enjoy!

Show Clothes TLC article for the Paint Horse Journal

Proper care goes a long way in protecting your expensive horse show clothes, so I was glad to be able to work with great sources to write this helpful article for the Paint Horse Journal. How do you care for your show clothes?

Saddles and Sweat article for the Paint Horse Journal

This article for the February 2014 Paint Horse Journal was really neat to put together. I interviewed four Paint Horse enthusiasts to learn about their fitness passions. I talked to a cross country runner, a CrossFit junkie (Amanda Ryan--you've met her in other articles, like the January 2014 issue), a p90x warrior and a bikini competitor. I loved getting to learn about why they chose these activities, and how they related to horses. Hope you enjoy!

Fit to Ride article for the Paint Horse Journal

In January and February 2014, I wrote a two-part article for the Paint Horse Journal about rider fitness. "Fit to Ride" explains the importance of being in shape for better riding, and it also shares ways to achieve your fitness goals without going to the gym.

Being healthy, fit and strong is important to me, so I loved working on this article with my sources. I also collaborated with my former Texas A&M equestrian teammate Amanda Ryan for the photos! Check it out and let me know what you think!

Ponying feature for Paint Horse Journal

Training articles are always fun, and ponying is a topic I haven't covered before. After interviewing these experts, I feel better prepared to take on this challenge in the future. Check out this article for the Paint Horse Journal.

Paint Horse Journal August 2013 Cover

This sweet baby foal stole my heart while I was out at the Fulton Quien Sabe Ranch in 2013. There's something so special about foals! This photo was published on the August 2013 cover of the Paint Horse Journal, which seems a fitting tribute to Joe Fulton, the founder of the ranch and breeder of such greats as Peppy San Badger. He passed away August 1, 2013.

Whoa & Go with the Paint Horse Journal

Speed control can be tough for youngsters. I definitely remember the days of ineffectively kicking my slowpoke gelding in hopes of getting somewhere a little faster. This article with Mason Lyons for the Paint Horse Journal was fun and I think it's great information for riders young and old alike. What do you think?

Veggie Recipe article for Chrome

My garden is pretty small. It consists of about 8 herb plants. But I'm always looking for yummy vegetable recipes. This article for APHA'sChrome addresses the problem of when your garden ripens all at once and you're left with say, 10 lbs of zucchini. I personally tried each of the recipes--one is from my own brother-in-law--and I give them all my stamp of approval. So what do you think? Full article PDF HERE.

Profile on Unbranded's Producer in Chrome Magazine

Last year I traveled to the wilds of South Texas to meet with Cindy Meehl, the executive producer of UnBranded, a documentary chronicling the journey of four young men from Mexico to Canada on mustangs. The trip was a success and the documentary is set to be released this summer, but when I met with Cindy, the men were preparing to begin their epic travels. Cindy was also the director behind the critically-acclaimed documentary Buck.

It was really neat to get to know her, and I love how the article in Chrome turned out. What do y'all think? Read the whole article HERE.

A Rugged Old World for Chrome's inaugural issue

The American Paint Horse Association has made some exciting changes in the last year. One of which was a re-energizing of the member experience. A new publication was created just for members called Chrome offering a tantalizing blend of lifestyle articles for the Paint Horse enthusiast. I am proud to contribute to this beautiful publication, and I am excited to share with you some of my articles!

This article was spun out of my visit to Florida to take photos for APHA. We couldn't visit Ocala without stopping at Fox Grove Farm, the home of the late Rugged Lark and now Rugged Painted Lark. Lynn Palm and her husband Cyril Pittion-Rossillon have a beautiful French Country style home. I've been a fan of Rugged Lark since I was little--I still have his Breyer model horse. And come to find out, Cyril trained at Le Cadre Noir in Saumur, France--a place I visited while studying abroad in the area. The couple was so gracious to welcome me into their home for a tour. It was an interesting visit, and I love how the profile turned out. Check it out HERE and below.